aerial shots in a corporate video

One of perhaps the most popular assignments for an UAV pilot today is aerial filming for corporate videos. It is well known that drone shots are very impressive, but why are Aerial shots particularly important in a corporate video?

Companies always follow specific marketing strategies, which lead them to increase ratings, visualizations, word of mouth, popularity… in short: customers.

Aerial footage for corporate videos

And in most cases, this result can be achieved through a communication campaign, which is in line with current market demands. In fact, whether it is a promotion of a product or service or a specific awareness, the Web and Social channels are the most effective platform from this point of view, and more than a text or a single image, what goes for the most are the videos. Clearly, of effect!

This is where aerial drone footage comes into play in the vast majority of corporate video requests. The main reason for this is that when these video footage appear before our eyes, we are inevitably left speechless:

  • First of all for the novelty factor: the shots from above are always a discovery, a new and alternative point of view, something that we had never seen from that perspective and for this reason we are curious and attracts our attention.
  • In addition, there is no lack of emotional component: aerial shots are always very evocative, give breathing space, open the wings of a corporate video and transmit positive feelings.
  • Finally, they give a sense of greatness and importance: the impression that emerges is that the company in question is not limited to a factory, but expands into the territory and plays in large spaces. This reassures the customer, as well as introducing him to the territorial context in which the Company operates on a daily basis.

The aerial footage with drone in a company video therefore play an unquestionably very important role, giving the product an effective and impactful result that highlights the product, service or message promoted and thus leading the Company to achieve its goal.