effect moire 3

Whether we are talking about photography, video or drones, the moiré effect is constantly present in certain situations. Let’s see what it is about and how to solve this problem!

To give a technical explanation, we are talking about a visual distortion, an optical effect that when it comes to the sensor of the camera sends it into confusion, causing the rendering of a strange visual effect, as undulating.

This occurs when we have the overlapping of two different textures, which create an interference … an example within the reach of everyday life, to get the moiré effect to everyone’s eyes, we have it when we take a photograph of a person wearing a thinly striped shirt. Have you ever tried it? Here it comes.

moire effect drone
example of moire effect

The same goes for the photo and video footage taken with drones. There are remote controlled aircraft systems of different price ranges, and as you can easily imagine very expensive products are equipped with a filter system that solve this problem. But also the cameras that equip mid-range devices suffer a lot from it, presenting then a complication during the shooting phase.

There are some tricks that can greatly reduce the moiré effect in drones, and in cameras in general:

  • Change perspective in shots
  • Changing the camera position
  • Use a different aperture or a different focal length

These are some tips that we can give to those who also use mid-range drones that have problems with this optical effect, but it is only by experimenting in each different situation that you can find the most appropriate solution to the individual case.