Sometimes we have the feeling that we are subject to a series of commercial proposals that impose on us unnecessarily, or not easy to understand, equipment.

The ND filter is often at risk of being one of them, as can be seen from the position it holds in our equipment cases, down there at the back, practically unobtainable.

This time it is not so, the daylight filter, which for some drones is included in the package regardless of our choices during the purchase, has rather real importance, really serves and is often used in case of:

  • excessive presence of light during daylight shooting
  • shooting in full sun
  • need to use open diaphragms during the shooting
  • imposition of timing

Accompanied by the choice of a suitable ND filter, whose gradation is expressed in diaphragms intended as a simulation of diaphragms closed by the lens, there is also the possibility of choosing a polarizing filter that, placed in front of the lens, can provide images with contrast different from normal, rather interesting lights and a definition of sky clouds reminiscent of captivating post-production.

Really useful objects to take with us at all times!