The use of professional drones is having a remarkable impact on corporate videos of several companies: these are increasingly requiring their trusted videomaker to use tools for aerial shooting.

Of course, there are a lot of equipment that can provide these images, but not all of them fall within the scope of professional tools.

What is the difference between a drone purchased in a store for a few hundred euros and a professional drone?

The difference between professional and non-professional drones is remarkable in terms of:

  • quality of the shooting device
  • power and stability in flight, which translates into image stability
  • duration of the mission in terms of time
  • safety and flight control
  • compliance with air regulations

In addition to these purely technical features, the professional drone pilot is always able to produce the appropriate documentation regarding the maintenance of the device, the homologation in compliance with the standards in force, the identification required by law which, precisely in terms of professionalism, establishes the truthfulness of the professional aspect of an UAV operator.