Professional UAV operator in Italy

Increasingly frequent and in demand are the aerial shots with a drone, made by professional UAV operator

Videos are to date the most effective means of communication, and of course, aerial shots are undoubtedly an added value, mainly from an emotional point of view. Who will not be astonished in front of a green expanse between hills at sunset, or in front of the majesty of tall skyscrapers in a rich industrial center? There are no sectorial boundaries for video footage taken by a drone: from summer vacation footage to corporate video of a company, to documentaries and television footage in general, the effect is guaranteed and the result of impact assured.

But who can do this filming, in Italy? Whoever has a drone?

The answer is obviously NO.

When we talk about SAPR (Remote Control Aircraft Systems – i.e. UAV), the quality of the equipment used is obviously important, but just as important – if not more so – is who is flying the drone.

In fact, in Italy the professional SAPR operator differs significantly from the amateur for many factors:

He is authorized by ENAC: he will therefore be aware of the immensity of laws and regulations that must be respected once in flight, and his activity will be carried out with the utmost safety.

He is specialized in remote control: not only will it be more efficient and productive in performing its work knowing perfectly how to move, but if it should find itself in unfavorable situations (for environmental or technical reasons, for example), it will know perfectly how to adjust and deal with the situation.

He has experience behind him: he will be able to advise the customer on the most suitable conditions to get the best out of the shoot, and he will also be able to say no in case of an unsafe or unauthorized flight situation.

He will make use of professional equipment and the most advanced technologies with knowledge of the facts (it is not enough to turn in 4K…), providing a result of the highest level, and under the best conditions.

A professional UAV operator is therefore a guarantee for the client, a safe reference to which to confer an assignment knowing that the photographic or video service will be at least up to expectations, and performed in compliance with the law.

ENAC (Ente Nazionale Aviazione Civile – Italian’s FAA) speaks clearly, and the regulation on the subject makes it easy to identify the abusers and the work performed by them.

It ‘important to note that the penalties for those who operate aerial work without authorizations and insurance are very heavy, because they are applied on the basis of a code that, to date, does not differentiate the offence committed with a drone from that committed with an aircraft “with pilot on board”, so to speak.

An exaggeration? Perhaps. But this is the law, in Italy.

And the client is 50% responsible.