rolling shutter

A theme that deserves an in-depth study dedicated to aerial shooting with drones is the rolling shutter

This problem consists of a very annoying optical effect, which occurs especially when the camera moves abruptly with horizontal movements in the centre of a rapid pan. The effect sees a more or less important distortion of the vertical lines of the image, which therefore appears shaky.

A tangible and very frequent example can be found in the shooting of propeller movement.

So how to overcome the problem of the rolling shutter when we are taking aerial shots with our drone?

First of all, it should be specified that thanks to the latest technology and the electronic shutter that carries the drones’ camera, the effect is dampened, thus arriving at containment of the problem very helpful, although not decisive.

Another fundamental component in the resolution of this problem lies in the camera settings: to manage the situation correctly without finding negative influences on the geometry of the resulting image, it will be necessary to set certain shooting parameters that will help to drastically reduce, if not eliminate, the effect.

Rolling shutter and drones are therefore a point to consider very carefully before pressing the REC button because the risk of not managing the problem accurately and finding a very annoying effect is high.