I’m tired of hearing that the professional drones sector is in crisis: that there is too much abuse, that national aeronautical authorities don’t help, that EASA in moving too slow.

All real, important, and sharable issues.. but let’s go further.

Let’s look at things with a little more perspective!

Those who work professionally in the UAV world have a unique opportunity: that of being able to invent, in an industry that is evolving fast. A business on which you can build your experience, to create something new.

No one was born “professional in the world of drones” (in its various species), has inherited a family profession or a company.

uav market in crisis

Like me (and even better than me!) many professionals who were looking for something new have turned intuition into a business.

Which grows, on the extremely fertile soil of a newborn sector. Many realities work: maybe they make little noise on social networks, maybe they do not generate important volumes. But they create marginality, profit… with minimal investment. And that’s no small thing at all.

The drone industry is not in crisis.

Those who thought it was an eldorado are in crisis. Those who thought that a UAV pilot certificate and a nice drone would be enough.

The market is thirsty for ideas, for real entrepreneurs (big and small) who want to try to innovate and to invent.

BVLOS will be a crazy opportunity!

The right ideas are just a few steps away from us: the most determined will seize them, and they will sparkle.

The UAV market in crisis? No at all.

I believe that we are privileged.