uv filter UAV drone

Very often the first thought that follows the purchase of an aerial imaging drone is which UV filter to get.

We know that although this topic is widespread, protecting the camera optics of our remotely piloted aircraft system is highly recommended to avoid exposing it to risks and dangers of damage.

This matter takes on much more importance if transferred to “ground” cameras and camcorders, as it is rarely used on drones.

However, if we want to get a UV filter for the camera of our drone, we have to pay close attention to the dominance factor.

Many filters on the market, in fact, have very light if not imperceptible dominant yellow or blue, which although difficult to detect with the naked eye, will certainly not go unnoticed in the resulting images.

Also, be careful not to confuse UV filters with Skylight filters. Although they are visually identical, they are designed to protect the lens from ultraviolet rays and have a dominant pinkish tinge.

Let’s consider if the UV filter is indispensable: in principle, we can safely assume that these filters are not necessary, and very often they are not used.

So to conclude our advice on the subject of UV filters for aerial imaging with drones: they can be purchased as no, it depends more on the thoughts of each of us.

But if we decide to use them, we will consider our purchase carefully.